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I have taken most of the different web pages I made with time (those where to share info) and have put them into a single site.

The purpose was to have navigation through them.

As most of the stuff is images, it will require a quick net link. I also expect that free site to be limited through transfer rate per day (40 mb)

For me, the new stuff is in the lower trailer section:
A new "InsightPack" sticker, wheel cover and spare pictures

and in the Suspension section:
Larger images than the one composite I shared in the Hybrid Yahoo group

The link is:

P.S. I have not tested/reviewed everything yet
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Insight site


very cool! The trailer turned out quite well! I can't quite picture where the plastic Rubbermaid strap goes to help hold the rubber spacer in place. I definitely need to do the suspension mod - bottom out all the time - nowhere near the weight limit.

I have the same problem with my ground cables, will have to change them soon. Although this was posted elsewhere, I will mention it again here. This stuff works better than anything I've ever tried:

Pacific corrosion sometimes has a better price.
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