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There has been some minor discussion about CNG/Propane in the past, but nothing much. If I recall someone messed with squirting a little bit of propane in to the intake and it worked somewhat, but not much more than that. As a rule of thumb almost no one makes anything for the Insight due to it's limited production. The problem with natural gas is you need really high compression to really get the benefits from it. The Civic GX has a 12.5:1 compression ratio, and while the Insight is 10.8:1 it's still not high enough to get the full benefit, which means there'd be a big mileage hit.

Actually, there might be a kit available for your Nissan. Check , my dad has a 01 Ford F-150 with a dual fuel Propane kit on it. Propane is currently $1.60 here so that's been working out really well.

Ohh, they're going to be selling the Civic GX at retail soon combined with an at home refueling compressor.
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