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Dear Group Members

Re the Insight BCM & MCM modules and any other onboard computers.

Are they self contained microcomputers/pics etc? What type?

If they are programable, has anyone investigated the software/programs that are running? Has anyone managed to download the onboard software and analyse it?

A lot of the issues/modifications we want to make would be greately helped if we had a de-compilied software listing. I appreciate this would be a big job but must be possible.

Any thoughts?

I suspect we would need to canablise an old bcm/mcm to get a copy of the software out of it. We seem to be working very hard at hacking around the onboard computers for various mods. If we could modify the software it must help in our quests!


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Each of the modules has a micro or asic, but the numbers are painted over.
I just put up a photo of the insides of both the Insight and Prius BCM modules.
I think it would be great to know what their code looked like, but have no idea of how to extract that from the controllers.
let us know if you have better luck. ;)
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