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Insight Stereo (year change)?

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Anyone know what year the stereo changed in the Insights? I'm looking to add a MP3 adapter that plugs in through the factory CD changer port on the back of the factory head unit but the only ones I see listed are for the older Insights. :( I guess I could also upgrade to a MP3 compatible head unit but that would just start the long list of upgrades for the whole system and I really don't want to go there yet.



Also, I figured out today only run the AC when needed for an added boost in MPG. I've been running the AC all summer and didn't notice the difference it made in MPG until I turned if off. Besides it kind of nice to see the outside world again with the windows down. Maybe the next car I buy (2010) will be a convertable.
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They switched to the Cd player unit in 04. The older tape decks don't have an input either, but I remember someone hacked in to the inputs for the tape and soldered in their own external input jack. Personally I'd recommend an aftermarket replacment deck. The CD unit is marginally better than the old tape deck, but still nothing near the quality you could have.

I have a Kenwood MP3 CD and aux input capable unit, but rarely make MP3 cd's because of the quality difference. Then again, the new lossless codec is very good.
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