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Insight still good? Child seat?

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I'm looking at selling both our cars and getting a new Prius and a 2nd hand Insight for a daily run-a-bout. Im in Australia, so the number sold are in the hundreds I think.

1. Can the Insight be upgrades with newer battery types? It seems like the car being Aluminium etc is worth the effort to keep going.

2. Is it possible to mount a child seat in the rear so you can get 2+1, Im sure I can't be the first person to think of this!

3. Is there any aftermarket improvements which can be installed? (links please).


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Hi Daniel and welcome to the forum :!: :)

1. Not yet (AFAIK). However, progress is being made with the MIMA project (Manual IMA). See:

MIMA Performance and Observations ... php?t=3357

2. Doubt it. Simply not enough headroom. More specifically there's no place to securely anchor the base since you'd be sitting on top of the IMA case. Although an airbag cutoff switch is an _aftermarket_ or DIY possibility.

3. Broad question. Yes to generic cosmetic tweaks, wheels etc. No to improving MPG. No to specific Insight cosmetic tweaks. Too limited a production vehicle for comapnies to offer such things. E.g. the company manufacturing an armrest specifically designed for the Insight is out of business (closed, Husco engineering).

HTH! :)
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