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Insight Thefts?

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Does anyone have the NHTSA figures on Insight thefts? I tried to find them on their website, but didn't have any luck finding any year except 2000.

I will soon be going to school in an area with a high car theft rate, and am considering ways to speed the recovery of my car in the event it is stolen. I looked at lo jack, but at $500+, I would say it is out of my price range. Is anyone aware of a transponder that is more reasonably priced?
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I would think that it would be rather difficult to steal an Insight because of the RF keys. It's not like you can hotwire it like you could a "regular" car.
Rick said:
All they'd need is an insider in a dealerships parts department and they could have a working key. All they'd have to do is walk up and start it.
True...But as far as random thefts go, that's pretty unlikely.

Or if they had some repo tools they could have it gone in a few minutes without a trapsonder key.
By towing it, not starting it.

That's just an odd story! Oddly entertaining...Also they're only getting 47 MPG. :D
You'll have a hard time putting the car into auto stop then removing the key. To remove the key, you need to turn it to the "off" position.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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