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Insight Thefts?

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Does anyone have the NHTSA figures on Insight thefts? I tried to find them on their website, but didn't have any luck finding any year except 2000.

I will soon be going to school in an area with a high car theft rate, and am considering ways to speed the recovery of my car in the event it is stolen. I looked at lo jack, but at $500+, I would say it is out of my price range. Is anyone aware of a transponder that is more reasonably priced?
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Could it be possible that a hybrid would be auto-stopped without a key in it? Then the theif gets in and just drives it away. I imagine that an Insight or Civic hybrid does not go through all of the code reading business when starting after an auto-stop. I really have no idea how it all works, but that could be some type of loop hole in the code system.
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