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Insight Thefts?

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Does anyone have the NHTSA figures on Insight thefts? I tried to find them on their website, but didn't have any luck finding any year except 2000.

I will soon be going to school in an area with a high car theft rate, and am considering ways to speed the recovery of my car in the event it is stolen. I looked at lo jack, but at $500+, I would say it is out of my price range. Is anyone aware of a transponder that is more reasonably priced?
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Insight theft

How about hotwiring the driver seat to the 144v pack so its activated when a hidden kill switch not triggered. :twisted:
with my memory I would probably be the first fatality! :wink:
Kidding aside could you not introduce an isolater in the 12 volt battery circuit? this would prevent the car from starting as this is needed to crank up the systems allowing the 144v pack to start the car. I realize anything can be overcome by a determined thief but most times its opportunism and not a lot of planning or effort goes into the act.
How about a wheel clamp(or two) as is common here in the UK.

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