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Insight Thefts?

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Does anyone have the NHTSA figures on Insight thefts? I tried to find them on their website, but didn't have any luck finding any year except 2000.

I will soon be going to school in an area with a high car theft rate, and am considering ways to speed the recovery of my car in the event it is stolen. I looked at lo jack, but at $500+, I would say it is out of my price range. Is anyone aware of a transponder that is more reasonably priced?
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I use the Lawman Club, It goes right above the Brake pedal on the column leading to the brake! It wont allow you to shift into gear, or use the brakes.

But I have been thinking if you rip it into gear it could possibly go after awhile, and the theif could use the emergency brake to stop the car! So I have been putting it around the gas pedal on occasion!! The thief can't use the gas where is he going to go! I mostly use it on my Jeep, but when I travel I use it on the Insight!!

heres a quick description of it
The Unbrakeable AutoLock Pro puts the brakes on car theft by locking one of the strongest parts of the car - the solid steel brake pedal. The combined strength of the steel brake pedal and the solid steel, unbreakable auto lock makes the device impossible for a criminal to remove.

Once the AutoLock Pro is in place, the brake pedal cannot be depressed, and the car cannot be stolen. Because the size, strength, and dimensions of the brake pedal are standardized in most vehicles, the one-size AutoLock fits most cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles and vans.
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