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Insight with 235/45R13 tires!

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It's official,
235/45R13 Kumho V70 Race compound tires do fit on an insight without rubbing :shock:

Well if you remove the rear spats (skirts) and they do stick out the sides a little...

The diameter is about 10% smaller then OEM sized tires and the suspension is stiff enough that it doesn't compress enough to rub at auto-x events and track events.

The rims are 13x8 steel race rims that are heavy but it's hub centric and the offset is perfect because it's about 2mm away from rubbing on the inside :wink:
I bought these wheel used, and the tires are not very sticky anymore. But the wide tires sure help the Insight corner very well

These tires don't improve the fuel economy of the Insight :lol:
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Now that is awsome! I bet she drives like she's on rails.
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