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Insight with CA HOV sticker, will it transfer if I buy?

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I'm currently in the market for a used insight and i've been looking in the local Southern California (LA) market. I came across a Red 2000 insight with a CA HOV sticker. The owner said she just applied for it in 2001 and got it. The sticker has a diamond and says "Access OK, California clean air vehicle". She showed me the DMV paperwork with her name and car's VIN number on it so it definitely looks legit.

My understanding is that Hybrids don't qualify? Assuming she just got lucky and got her car approved, does anyone know if that "designation" will transfer with title transfer? Either way, the stickers are still there so I'm sure it's still usable even if it doesn't transfer.

She want's $12.5K for her Red 2000 with 25M in PERFECT condition. Which I think is on the high side, but reasonable given the HOV sticker. Only prob is the car does NOT have AC. I'm trying to work out a deal with her to get AC install.

Thoughts anyone?? This is only my second day researching the Insight.
I can't wait to get one. Just got new job and i'm commuting 100 miles a day RT.
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Can't comment on the HOV sticker, but from looking at prices a couple of months ago, $12.5K doesn't seem unreasonable for an Insight in the western US, certainly not in California. If you look on EBay or other online listings, the ones at lower prices will be in the midwest or east.

Supply and demand, I guess :) So the question becomes, are the ones back east enough cheaper to cover the cost of an airplane ticket?
Hi Bob!

As someone who is also looking for an Insight in SoCal, I would have to say that that price is too high. Especially without air! Is that the same car that is listed on AutoTrader? I have been looking at Insights for over a month and that car has been listed for at least that long. The fact that it is still for sale says something about the price (I think).

Here is the offical CA site regarding the HOV stickers:

It specifically states the the Honda Insight (and any gas powered car) is EXCLUDED. I think she got lucky getting it and never got caught. I think the carpool violation fine is still $271. Is it worth that to you to take the chance?

Good luck in your search.
Hybrids do not qualify for HOV lane stickers in CA. The DMV was less clear about this at the beginning but if you consult their web site, you will see that hybrids are specifically excluded.
Thanks for the input

Thanks for the inputs. I guess she must have gotten lucky with the HOV application. Regardless if it's not suppose to be in HOV then it's not worth risking it.

SeanW, yeah it is the one in AutoTrader. I agree the price is high esp. given that it doesn't have AC, but it is RED and in great condition. The car also volunteered for some Honda corporate maintenance program so it's been maintained by honda corporate in torrence. There are some other ebay ones in OC that i'm looking at so i guess i'll keep looking.

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