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Hello to all,

Thought we'd post the newest developments in the ongoing adventures of this great vehicle.

We have a 2002 CVT purchased new and have approx. 32,000 miles accumulated. An interesting new sound started occuring recently when taking off from a dead stop (it's winter here so no Autostop). When the vehicle was accelerated, not laggardly and not smartly, just kinda "normal", a 5-6 second "chirping" type sound would occur and then go away.
Being an engineer, I set up several scenarios to see when it would make the sound and then possibly isolate the general area of cause.
1. It would occur if the vehicle was in gear and started out from a dead stop but the engine not shut off due to AutoStop.
2. It would occur if the vehicle was started from AutoStop.
3. It would occur if the vehicle was in gear, the brakes pressed firmly, and the engine accelerated "a bit"
4. It would not occur if the vehicle was not in gear and the engine accelerated a bit.

After taking these scenarios to the dealer and taking the service manager for a drive, he heard the mentioned noise. He contacted Honda Tech Support Center for advice. One of the things they recommended and the dealer performed was changing the fluid but alas, no cure.

So, a new Transmission was installed and viola! The noise is gone.

I'll keep you updated on how things are going as time advances.

Drive safely, It's more than just your life at stake.
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