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We now have over 26K miles (in 12 months) on our 2003 Insight CVT w/air purchased new, and have learned a few things along the way:

1. Living in Michigan means that there is a difference in mileage when it's warm or cold. Spring-Summer MPG is around 51-57 while Fall-Winter usually runs between 45-50MPG. This is due, in part, to differences in driving, longer time to warm up in the winter, differences of additives put in between warm and cold weather (were you aware that gas is mixed differently depending on location and season?).
2. Different brands of gasoline will produce different results, both MPG wise and mechanically running wise. Haven't zeroed in on which is optimum but we mainly purchase Mobil (due to a charge card).
3. The kick panel on the drivers side near the left foot has become an ongoing issue by coming loose and the clip breaking more than once. Probably, the next time, the dealer will have to glue it to something to prevent it from coming loose and being kicked more frequently (although that's the name of the panel, it doesn't seem to care much for living up to its name.
4. The ceiling panel in the rear edge by the hatchback hinge has also become loose and dropped. The dealer had it glued closed and it has remained glued so far.
5. Slowly but surely there are more Insights on the road so the amount of "What the x*# is that?" has dropped off a bit but it still happens from people who will become more curious when the first thing you answer is: It's a 55 Mile per Gallon Honda that doesn't need to be charged with a cord.." This usually will answer the question sufficently or prompt more intelligent questions.
6. We've become believers in RainX for the windshield solution. It's really great to drive in a rainstorm and not have to use the wipers because the water is screaming off the window as fast as it hits. Great product, sorry for the plug.
7. Found that 44PSI in the tires causes a little squirrely handling but 42PSI seems to be a little tamer without affecting mileage to any major degree.

Anyways, we're still thrilled with the vehicle and still have the '97 Odyssey with 130+K miles running great (cudos Honda!) so we're waiting to see what the next Hybrid Honda will be we might be seriously looking
Element perhaps....Hmmm???

Enjoy the holidays safely.
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