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Hi Paul

I regularly keep an eye out for Insights for sale. I am currently on my third Insight and it is a fantastic car, so good choice.

I have double checked for you and you are right there are no Honda Insights for sale at the moment in the UK!

Normally there are between 1 or 3 on Autotrader, nothing at present, and the Insight model has even disappeared from the drop down list. :shock:
I also keep an eye on eBay, Exchange & Mart and of course the official Honda website. Nothing.

You are welcome to buy mine but it unfortunately has a few problems and you would need the services of a good auto-electrician (I can't find one). At least I would honestly tell you what is wrong with this Insight! I have an old post floating around about this Insight somewhere. No problems with the IMA battery though.

P.S. I am looking to buy my fourth Insight. HTH.

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paulstevens64 said:
I am very interested in buying a Honda insight, but cannot find any for sale in the UK. Are there any other sites or links to sellers?
Try to look in Germany, the only thing that is wrong with it is the location of the steering wheel.

Look at:


I did it this way, and I'm still happy with it :wink:
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