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I would like to install an engine hours meter, commonly called a Hobbs meter.

Is there a place on the engine electrical system that I can find a source of voltage to operate or trigger an hour meter?

This voltage that triggers the Hobbs meter must come on only when the engine is actually running.

The voltage can either operate the meter, or trigger a solid state relay to operate the Hobbs meter.

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Check out HafNHaf's "Minor Mod- A Pair of idoit Lights" thread found here:

It is currently about 4 threads up from the bottom of the Technical Issues main page.

The power to the fuel pump comes from pin 1 at the relay which is under the hood. This pin will have power when the system calls for fuel. Obviously this is when the engine is running. It will also power for 2 seconds after you turn the key on, until the fuel system pressures up then it will go off until you start the engine.

The Electrical Service Manual shows this wire going to a connector ( C501 16-pin, color Blue, pin#2, wire color BLack/YEllow ), to the left of the ECM which is under the passengers floor pan carpet. From here it goes to the rear of the car.

This is the same signal being monitored to see when the system goes into fuel cut mode.

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