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Installing Cruise Control

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Hi everyone,

Before I purchased my second hand 2010 Honda Insight, I only did a very short search on things like installing cruise control later. During that search, I found one thread here of someone that claimed simply swapping out the steering wheel of an LX with that of an EX would activate cruise control. This sounded logical to me at the time, as the same was the case for my previous car (an Opel Vectra). However, now I'm mostly reading threads that debunk that claim and others that installed an aftermarket thing instead.

This made me curious and got me thinking into why it wouldn't work to simply change the steering wheel and what would be required to get the stock CC to work. According to the Honda Service Manual for the Insight (pages 4-19 and 4-21), the relevant components would be:
  • Gauge Control Module
  • Cruise Control Combination Switch
  • Brake Pedal Position Switch
  • Idle Stop Switch
  • Power Control Module
  • Cable Reel
  • Transmission Range Switch
  • Throttle Body
  • CVT Output Speed Sensor
  • A short list of fuses
I thought it would help me get a better understanding if I could compare all the part numbers for each of these and see if they are different between the LX and the EX, as that would indicate something that might be required for working CC. I dropped the fuses from this list, as I figured I could simply check if they are there or not. Cross checking all the parts gave me the table I've shared below:

Gauge Control Module78100-TM8-A0378100-TM8-A13
Cruise Control SwitchNot Present36771-TM8-305
Brake Pedal Position Switch46600-TM8-A5146600-TM8-A51
Idle Stop Switch35350-SAA-01335350-SAA-013
Power Control Module37820-RBJ-L5737820-RBJ-405
Cable Reel77900-TK6-A1177900-TA0-C21
Transmission Range Switch28900-RPS-00328900-RPS-003
Throttle Body16400-RBJ-00316400-RBJ-003
CVT Output Speed Sensor28810-RZH-00428810-RZH-004

This is all taken from Online Honda Parts Superstore | OEM Parts Online. I've highlighted the parts that are different between the models. The ones that make sense to me and don't worry me are the cruise control switch, which would be in the swapped out steering wheel, and the cable reel assay that's located just behind the steering wheel and would need the connections to run the signals from the cruise control switches to the PCM. I'm a little surprised that the Gauge Control Module would be different. Are there any others differences between LX and EX that would explain a different GCM? I know mine has at least the cut-outs on the panel for a cruise control light, so it would make sense to me if it's just the same thing, but it doesn't seem to be. I've added page 4-21 below as a reference and can see there is a CAN line running from the GCM to the PCM. It would seem like a hassle to not run this in case of an LX, but perhaps there is no connection there or no hardware to support this communication? Also the PCM is different, which is maybe the most discouraging. I wouldn't mind so much to change the steering wheel + cable reel assay and probably could accept changing the GCM, but swapping out the PCM seems like a pretty big hassle that can lead to a bunch of other work.

I'm curious what all of you experts have to say on this/think about it. What would explain the difference in these part numbers and are they related to the cruise control? Would swapping out all of these even give a good chance to have it working or is that still incredibly unlikely? Is there a world in which swapping out only the sterring wheel and the cable reel assay (or the whole module with the stalks and all) would make the cruise control work?

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