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Installing Daytime Running Lights on US spec'd Honda Insight

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I can't believe it but the Honda Insight I just picked up in USA did not include daytime running lights. To pass the Canadian RIV Import inspection it must have working daytime running lights. The first two Canadian Honda dealers I approached were not interested in installiing daytime running lights saying they did not want to work on hybrids, especially their wiring and the second one suggested Canadian Tire. Sure I want some kid at Canadian Tire hacking into the wiring on a complex car with no wiring diagram available. Any Canadians on the list having to install daytime running lights on an American spec vehicle please tell me who did it and how?

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Rocky in Edmonton
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The DRL circuit as shown in the factory ETM will require many extra wires and an additional control unit.

USA models don't have DRL. Now you know why "gray" market importing is so difficult :!:

I'd hope for your sake that a simpiler DRL will suffice.

The simplest mod will be to add an ignition on relay and modify the headlight on switch to switch the headlights from series (daytime) to parallel (nightime). The headlights on/off would be controlled by the new relay and therefore "always" be on. Not as elegant as the factory DRL that switches headlights off when the parking brake is set (AFAIK). But its functional and _may_ be sufficent to pass inspection. ;)

You'll neet a factory ETM. Check eBay. Their listed semi regularly

FYI, as a gray market import you have no Canadian warranty. AFAIK you can return to the USA for any needed warranty work, sorry.

HTH! :)
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What do you mean no warranty?

How do I know there is no warranty in Canada? That isn't what the book says? If the dealer's sales manager had never heard of gray market, then what is going on here? Why is a used car grey market? This is not a Canadian dealer selling an American car, but a US dealer selling a used US car and it could easily have been a FORD or GM dealer selling a used Honda. I don't get auto companies going out of their way to irritate customers they can't already properly service. I am already selling a SMART car after 6 weeks because MB were such total jerks. We would have bought two if they had been reasonable. The same goes for Honda. What gives? If the Canadian Honda dealers had any interest at all in selling hybrid autos we would have bought an insight two years ago. This June and July when were seriouslly looking for an Insight the 5 or 6 Honda dealers servicing our town of 500,000 could not be bothered selling this car. The Honda Insight is the bastard car of Honda dealers in Western Canada, "we don't have any, we aren't getting any, and we don't want any, and we won't order one". No posters in the dealerships, no mention on the awards lists of Honda models and awards.... What gives???

I don't get it , my brother in law who is a VP in the oil industry looked at the digital photos of the instrumentation in the Insight and saw my mileage going up and up and up with more miles, even with my CVT I am up to 55 mpg + at around 900 miles and he is going "why isn't Honda selling more??" and all I can say is "They don't want too!"

Rocky in Edmonton
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Re: What do you mean no warranty?

Sorry Rocky,

My post should have been AFAIK not FYI. But in the few cases that have been reported in here the same is true vice versa. If you "import" most any car you'll only have warranty from its country of origin. It has to do with things like you've already stumbled over, no DRL, and emission requirement differences. If I'm wrong then good for you :!: :D (And I hope I am :D )

Buying an Insight stateside isn't _much_ easier. If you want a new one you'd either have to order it or go on a nationwide "hunt" with few dealers wanting to do so. There have been several threads on similar topics over the last few months.

The Insight is all about bragging rights for Honda. And if demand were high enough then I'm sure Honda would have ramped up production (and price) to make it profitable. But it simply isn't either of the above. On a per-car basis the Insight is sold at a loss (reportedly). Sure they "make-up" the loss in other ways, but by the bean counter's its a loss.

Don't know how the Honda "system" works on your side of the border, but stateside Honda has regional sales representatives that you could have talked with in regard to the Honda Insight "plan" and availability. You _may_ have had to "force" a dealer to take your money, but you could get one if they were available. What Honda Canada's Insight import "plan" is and where this leaves you I don't know. But from your posted experience they've already "told" you. So its likely that now your on your own.

My _best_ advice to you is to invest in the factory Service Manual _and_ the Electrical Troubleshooting Manual (ETM). And then go "shopping" for a _good_ independent repair shop that will _want_ to work on your car for you. Else you'd better get cracking on those books for yourself :!:

Try the forum search feature or browse the General forum for similar threads.

HTH (Hope this Helps) :!: :)
(or as another member thought, Hail the Hybrid) :lol:
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Rocky - I have a Japanese Insight that was imported into the UK. As with most imported cars, you get a good deal because the initial purchase cost is cheaper. However, the bad side of the deal is that warranties are not valid (although at least you could possibly drive back to the dealer you bought it from) and you get a rough ride / snobby attitude from dealerships at home (afterall you deprived them of a sale). Pros and cons, swings and roundabouts of the grey market.

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