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Instrument panel dimmer cancel switch peskiness

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I use the "hold the dashboard brightness to cancel the dimmer" function on the Insight fairly often (I turn the headlights on in a lot of situations where it is still bright enough outside that I want the dashboard display to be at full brightness), and lately it's been getting extremely difficult to activate (often I have to try holding it in five or more times to activate it). Is this a switch that's easy to replace by myself? Should I take it to the dealer? I don't really like the idea of dismantling the entire dashboard to get at this part, but I will if necessary.

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I got Honda Carland (Alpharetta, GA) to replace the gauge assembly circuit board for me, covered under the HondaCare warranty. The switch works again, but I'm fairly certain it will become worn again for whatever reason it originally did.

The cost listed on the invoice was around $750; if it happens again I don't think I will care to foot that cost myself. If anyone else is thinking of taking this problem to the dealer on their own dime, be forewarned.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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