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Instrument panel dimmer cancel switch peskiness

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I use the "hold the dashboard brightness to cancel the dimmer" function on the Insight fairly often (I turn the headlights on in a lot of situations where it is still bright enough outside that I want the dashboard display to be at full brightness), and lately it's been getting extremely difficult to activate (often I have to try holding it in five or more times to activate it). Is this a switch that's easy to replace by myself? Should I take it to the dealer? I don't really like the idea of dismantling the entire dashboard to get at this part, but I will if necessary.

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The link listed above is bad - gives a 404 now - and my 2000 Insight is showing this same problem so badly that my wife cannot get the "increase brightness" button on the dash to work at all anymore. I can, but only after minutes of trying, and only if it's warm.

Can anyone point me at a more detailed description of this fix? I need to make my wife happy with the car again.

Thanks a million!
I don't have any further details, but this is the corrected link.

Gauge lights peskiness mod - Insight Central: Honda Insight Forum
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