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Insurance write off ?

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2001 Insight, suffered side impact from another vehicle on left front wheel.

Insurance want to write off the vehicle as repairs will be "too expensive".

Honda dealer says they cannot repair car as aluminium welding required.

Motor engineer says that special equipment needed to discharge and isolate the battery before any repair work can be done and that such equipment not available in the UK!

Motor engineer also adds that as there are no Honda approved repairers he would not be able to certify that the work had been carried out effectively.

Honda UK suggest that NSX dealers should be able to effect repairs.

Nearest NSX dealer says yes but will have to have the car delivered to them before they can assess the damage and that they subcontract the repairs in any case.

There is also a problem in assessing the value of a 2001 Insight, 17,000 miles when so few have been sold in the UK.

Main problem is that I liked the car, even managed 100mpg on some trips, InsightCentral helped solved the problem with the exhaust gas recirculation valve, petrol prices were rising...

want to add the "Crying or very sad" emoticons, counselling required? :cry: :cry:
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Ah, there is a fuse on the pack. Pull the fuse. Do they have to remove the 12 volt battery from a car every time someone does body work? I think not. I'm sure that the Official Insight shop manual is available on CD to any dealer if they don't already have it! As for welding aluminum; Aston Martins and aeroplanes are also aluminum bodies. MIG welders are not that rare, you just need someone with experience using it on aluminum.
Also think about what you define as "repair". Do you mean "look like new" or "kinda dinged but still gets 70+ mpg"? If the frame or steering aren't bent, a rubber hammer and some patience will get you to the second, and the insurance company will probably pay you a good bit of money.

My Insight had a noticable ding and some scratches on one side when I bought it (for pretty darn cheap), and still does. Far as I can tell, they haven't affected its running at all. Had it over a year, average mpg since I figured out how to reset the LMPG display is about 73.
Sorry to hear about your accident.

davidt said:
There is also a problem in assessing the value of a 2001 Insight, 17,000 miles when so few have been sold in the UK.
I would estimate the value of your Insight at around £10,000. This should make it worthwhile for your insurance company to repair rather than write off your Insight. If they insist on writing off your Insight then you can ask for a like-for-like replacement (they may try and dodge this, but I believe they are legally obliged to do this if you request it). If that it is the case, then they may have to buy you one of the only two used Insights available in the UK from Chiswick Honda. Check HTH
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