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Hello jburdett,

The Air intake sensor is installed inside the plumbing from the air cleaner
to the engine (The larger of the two rubber hoses) .. There is another
outside air sensor mounted on the front bumber close to were the license
plate would go...That one is used for idle stop measurements.

That resistor tricks the computer into thinking that the engine (or the
air intake) is cold all of the time...The computer provides a richer mixture
of fuel vs air to give you more power...But just as you said...the fuel
mileage would go down. It may affect other things as well such as fast
idle or battery charging (although the batteries may have there own

I guess a modification could be if you add a mini relay to the resistor
(controlled by a switch near the driver) you could possibly toggle this
resistor on or off (although back on may require an ignition switch off
then restart to go to cold condition again) I would not suggest just a
switch without the relay because of the resistance in the wire you
choose may affect the FAKE reading to be out of range then you may
get a check engine light...
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