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I sit here bored sometimes and search for great Insight cars hidden in Craigslist, or possible other sale websites.

Using search engines there are currently 10 active Insights below 110k miles listed in Craigslist and other sites. Search away! They are out there!

Archive old data:
Here's the most recent finds (to include a 12k mile car). Interesting deals to see what the market is saying for some lower mileage cars. There was a beautiful dark blue in Nebraska recently. I don't know if that one sold, but it was around $4500, and only had 50k miles or so. (Special consideration; no mileage info: Currently there is an auction car for $1500, it has a cargo net, cargo zipper bag, as well as the harder to find cargo mat. I don't know the condition of the car; but it said you could test drive it).

100k miles, silver, 2005 CVT. Crappiest photos ever. $3700


58k miles, unknown color. CVT. Incorrect tires. $7950


99k. (Really... pretty much will turn over to 100k when you test drive) CVT
Silver, new IMA just installed by Honda. $7000

103k miles, red manual. Was in an accident with the bumper repaired by Honda. Color is different then the rest of the car.
Newer IMA; under warranty for I suppose one more year. $3450


104k miles, CVT silver. San Antonio. $5000


71k miles, CTV. Dark blue, likely needs a paint job. $3500
New link
120k miles, new IMA from Honda last week, silver, MT.
Questions: on that receipt it states IMA replaced at 117k miles. Receipt says car has 120k miles.... what gives? $5250 price dropped to $5150


69k miles, CVT, Red. SFran area. $5900
35k miles, CVT. Dark Blue. Winter Springs, FL area. $3800

Used 2002 Honda Insight in Pinellas Park, FL 33781 - 423637164 - Autotrader

12k miles!!!! CVT. Red. Beautiful car
Florida. $10500. Yikes!


Used 2004 Honda Insight - Near Anoka MN - Motors On Ten

38k miles! CVT. silver. Ramsey, Minnesota. $7k.


89k miles. CVT. Dark blue. Berkeley, CA. $5,300

69k miles, silver, MT. Spokane, WA. $5000

109k miles, silver, MT. Cincinnati, OH. $2100
Interesting as it's low miles and a spare battery/spare ECU. iMA light pops on occasionally.

57k miles, part out. May be worth full purchase...
Update on this one: engine and trans already sold.
Will not sell full car. This one likely should be removed from the list
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