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interesting mod idea

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I had an idea, but I don't know if it would help any. make a warm air mod my hooking up a hairdryer on low blow high heat to the air intake. Problem is, where do I get power from so it only runs when the engine is running?

If anyone has tried this or can tell me where to draw power from (specifically), I want to try this.

Dan :idea:
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I do not know at what temp you are referring to use this mod. But I remember 20 years ago, I had a frozen gas line. Someone said to try the hair dryer trick

At -20 C, the hair dryer air temp was probably -10 C, it was totally useless for my purpose. A hair dryer is meant to be used at room temperature and it does not warm the air much when outside to my experience

Now if you want to try it out, it is easy just in your hands outside with a plug on the wall of your house.

If you want to try it in a car, it is also easy as all you need is an inverter that makes 120V out of 12V. Last year I bought one for my new motorized home that was 1200 watts continues duty at about $150 cnd.

I am sure the engine can suck the air out of it easily if it is not able to provide enough flow

If it turns out to work and give results, I remember that there where cars with carburators (the 1980 Pontiac Acadian) that had a ceramic type heater between the carb and the intake. It was 12V and was used to better vaporise the gas to start the car at cold temps. Maybe prevent icing of the carb also.
It or something similar could be found in a scrap yard for a low price.
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