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We would like to introduce Amped Hybrid's new Amped-Up line of replacement IMA batteries. These batteries are made from "1st quality" cells and assembled at the factory that made them (like the high quality batteries that are available), not cobbled together from reject cells like you can find on eBay.

Under load, they provide a 40% longer runtime than original Honda batteries do.

Unlike other companies, we don't take deposits. Our website will tell you if your battery is in stock and it will not allow you to place an order if it isn't. When you place your order, your battery will usually be shipped the next day.

We offer a variety of packaging options to give you flexibility in your order.

A fully assembled battery carries a $500 security deposit. If you want to swap the junction board yourself, the deposit is only $300. If you want to buy the battery and not return the old one, then there is a $300 parts charge but no security deposit.

Want to DIY? We'll sell you just the sticks (30 day warranty). Want to have no security deposit? We can send you the sticks with shrink tubing to put on yourself after you put on the PTC strips.

Our warranty is one year, with a 24 hour turnaround (If you send your battery in, we will immediately send you out a new one). If you don't want to wait, give us a security deposit and we'll send the replacement to you first.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our services.

Joseph Peters
Amped Hybrid
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