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Here's one for the programmers out there. Just picked up a 2010 EX w/ NAV & Bluetooth. My iPhone 3g showed up instantly upon plugging it into the USB jack under the center armrest. Showed all my tracks and artists and album data perfectly.

However I then started the Pandora iPhone app while still plugged into the USB jack - it played the audio but no musical metadata seemed to be sent to the car's computer and display. Then I tried using the skip track function on the steering wheel while still listening to Pandora, just to see if it works. Some wireless remote units, such as Bose's Sound Dock remote, do actually work for this. However, this then created an error on the Display and it stared flashing "Unsupported". I closed the Pandora app and tried to restart my ipod. Now the ipod/iphone shows up but I cannot stream the music anymore and none of the music's info shows up on the display anymore.

So what I'm wondering is if there is a way to fix this error -say by deleting the phone's Bluetooth profile or something - using the existing controls on the NAV system or is this going to require a visit to the dealer to reset the system ?

John Henry Dale
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