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Tim Maddux said:
As for getting a 5spd, you should ask around your Honda dealers if there are even any available for purchase. AFAIK the 5spd Civic Hybrid is quite rare - I have never seen one but OTOH I have not looked very hard.
We finally got the 5 speed in Canada this year. There are a number sitting on lots locally - I'm not sure if this is the case in the US, since you've had the 5 speed for over a year - I haven't test driven the standard yet, but the hybrid CVT's drive is identical to the normal Civic slushbox. I couldn't tell the cars apart, except for the extra dials :)

As for "is the hybrid right for me?", Jeepnut, IMO, the question is why are you buying it?

If you're buying it to have a lower environmental impact, then this is a good choice - Honda or Toyota. If you're buying it to see an instant savings at the pump, well, you'll see it - but you're spending more for the car, so you're looking at long term to get full "worth" out of the vehicle.

I'd personally advocate a hybrid for everyone, but then I'm rather biased! :D

Good luck on your car hunt.
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