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Is a Hybrid Right for Me?

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Greetings from a prospective Honda Hybrid owner. I am considering a Civic Hybrid, sorry for posting here but I could not locate any Civic forums. If anyone knows a decent Civic Hybrid forum please let me know....I'm considering a Civic as this vehicle will double as a family vehicle, and maybe a carpool. Current car is a '00 Camry with 120k. If I don't go with a Hybrid I plan to get an EX.

As the subject line states, Im not sure if a Hybrid is right for me. My daily commute is 150mi round trip, from 5,000ft elevation (home) to 1200ft elevation (work). I make this trip 4 days a week. The road I travel is a rolling, winding 4 lane, with a couple of long grades. Some winter snow. Obviously the downhill run is just that, with a couple of moderate uphill sections. The return trip home has a couple of long steep grades & some moderate grades, as well as some downhill sections. Speeds, 65 - 75 mph.

Will I realize the benifit of a hybrid with this type of commute, or will I be pushing the little four banger so much that It will be inefficient?

what about trans type - would the 5spd be better than the CVT for this type of commute?

Some sites I've seen say the CVT is problematic, is this true or are these isolated cases?

Will I have to replace the batteries after 80k-100k miles, or will they last 8-10 years as Honda predicts?

Sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance for your wisdom and patience.

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Sorry I didn't get back to the board sooner, got hit with a bad virus (not me, the computer)

Thanks for all of the great responses. I am overwhelmed with all of this info. The only thing I still don't know is....How much the battery back will be to replace, projected to last 80-100k. I will be at this mileage in three years. I can (and have) gotten 250k out of a well maintaned ICE. (past Hondas, Toys, Chev.)

It's now between an EX (AT) or a HCH (5spd if I can find it). Or, (gulp - unchartered territory..) a Jetta TDI. Long term durability and low operating costs are the goal. I have excellent driving habits and can pull the best mileage out of any vehicle, I never have trouble obtaining EPA highway figures. Currently get 27mpg out of my V6 Camry, EPA rates at 27.

My main motivation is long term durability and low operating costs. I can save about $380 per year based on my annual mileage (30k) and gas at $2 per gallon. (that's if I get 45mpg in the HCH and 35mpg in the EX) I can get a HCH locally for $19k (CVT) and an EX for $16,300 (AT). (I feel the EX is better for comparisons, as they are equiped the same except for the EX has a sunroof). With the $1500 tax break from Uncle Sam, I'm at $1200 difference between the two. Maybe less if I get the 5spd. Not bad IMHO. I'm a techno-nut (as well as a Jeepnut) and I like the engineering that has gone into the Civic. Plus, I'm a fan of Hondas, have owned a couple in the past (CVCC & Prelude)

I really like where I work and where I live, and I don't mind the 75 minute drive, but my current costs are starting to hurt. The toy has served me well (120k) but has suffered major undercarriage damage recently when I plowed into a rockslide on the way home. It will be traded in after I get it back from the shop. $6500 damage, ouch.

As for the Prius, there is an 8 month waiting list....And I'm not fond of the looks. way, I have a Focus rental now while the Toyota is in the shop, the dash makes me sick just looking at it. Feels like I'm driving my old company Tempo again.

Other vehicles (keepers), 1978 Jeep CJ, 1990 Jeep Wrangler (175k never rebuilt), 1997 Grand Cherokee(wife's), 1990 Suburban (225k, never rebuilt). As you can see, I am not a greenie, each of these vehicles has a place in my hobby and my work and my play. However, I like to save where I can.

Doh! 10 O'clock news just said gas will be nearing $3 by the summer....we're getting killed here in AZ!

Thanks again, I hope to decide soon.
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