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I am suprized that Bill Gates did not suggest this idea back in the mid 90s. His mansion is supposed to have walls that display what ever the the badge of the person entering it wears.

So why not have an automotive PC? It would have digitized roadmaps, and be your on-board WiFi Yellow Pages. What I really want is to customize the dashboard with customized skins. The name Delta Flyer is the name of the shuttle on Star Trek: Voyager. I think the dashboard already looks like it's out of Star Trek, but why not have it sound like it? Why not when the car red-lines have Scotty's voice pleading: "She could fly apart any moment!!!". Why not have the same chirps as on the bridge of the Enterprise? If you got tired of it, the theme could be changed. Any yes, I would pay Paramount their royalities for the privilige.

By the time this might happen, the windshield might be the dashboard. Someone is projecting the car's speed on the windshield like fighter pilot's do.
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