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Is it worth it?

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Hello to all. Newbie here. I'm considering purchasing a used Honda Insight. But I have a few questions and after reading a few posts here, I have some new concerns as well (battery life, reliability, etc...)

Question #1. I drive 78 miles to work (one way) for a grand whopping total of 156 miles each day. The roads I travel are 65MPH and 75MPH. Is this little Insight's engine capable of sustaining this speed for and hour and a half? I don't want to be running the engine at it's MAX.

Question #2. I am currently looking at a 2001 Insight. I've seen a few posts regarding recalls. Are the 2001's full of 'bugs'? (i.e. new technology...guinnea pigs of hybrid cars...etc..)

Thanks in advance,
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Are you considering a CVT or 5 speed? What mileage is on the car?

The Insight can handle the 65-75 mph speeds all day long with no trouble. Are there any long, steep, mountain grades you have to climb during your commute? If so, the main battery may run down during the climb, but recharge during the descent. If you are ever climbing a long and steep mountain you will do best to downshift into 3rd. to maintain speed.

Honda seems to have done a pretty good job of working out the bugs before producing the Insight. I wouldn't be concerned at all about purchasing a 2001 model in regard to overall reliability. However, I would consider the vehicle mileage and if the main battery is still under warranty in making any decision.
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