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Is it worth it?

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Hello to all. Newbie here. I'm considering purchasing a used Honda Insight. But I have a few questions and after reading a few posts here, I have some new concerns as well (battery life, reliability, etc...)

Question #1. I drive 78 miles to work (one way) for a grand whopping total of 156 miles each day. The roads I travel are 65MPH and 75MPH. Is this little Insight's engine capable of sustaining this speed for and hour and a half? I don't want to be running the engine at it's MAX.

Question #2. I am currently looking at a 2001 Insight. I've seen a few posts regarding recalls. Are the 2001's full of 'bugs'? (i.e. new technology...guinnea pigs of hybrid cars...etc..)

Thanks in advance,
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2 bits

short answer = YES

Long answer

First power question :
The Insight can easily drive over 80 mph for over 600 miles no stops you fragile human will more than likely need to stop to rest or go to the bathroom before the insight has any endurance questions .... I have had mine over 100 mph for short distances and have driven 6 hours nonstop at 70 to 80 mph with the AC set to 60 degrees F ..... like any car when you go up a hill you will have to give it more gas the steeper the hill the more gas you give it eventually if the hill is steep enough like any car you may need to down shift..... when driving in lower gears at faster speeds just watch the rpms... the insight has more pick and go ability than any 4 cylander car I have ever driven... some 6 cylanders have good teeth to them and can out do the insight but I would put the Insight above even a few 6 cylanders for get up and go....

Second economy question:
I can pretty much garentee you that the insight will get better fuel economy than ANY other production car... In the future when plug in hybrids ,, EVs ,, Fuel cells ,, etc... when those are in full consumer production and not the low volume production of today .. then maybe the insight will have a run for it's money.... this is especially true over longer distances that you say that you will be driving becuase of the insights aerodynamic design lower weight etc.... a few other cars like the prius to be fair can give the insight a run for it's money in stop and go traffic but that was not the situation you described... now of course if you drive at a stead speed you will not get as good of fuel economy as you will if you drive fuel efficiently .... and or course as in any car the faster you go the low your MPG .... those should be no brainers .... now the people on this site who have 70+ MPG lifetime are driving to be fuel effeicient not speed steady ... and the Hyper milers who have consistent MPG above 80 MPG generally do just abot everything in thier power to get those numbers.... if you refuse to change your driving habits and you used to get in you old car as a life time MPG 25 to 30 in the insight with the same course and same driving techniques you can expect to get 50 to 60 MPG ... the important thing is you compair the average or lifetime MPG not the best case on the old car that one time you did a road trip on the highway driving with the wind crusing along with nothing in the car but you and then compair it to a stop and go city traffic trip in the insight when you had the hatchback filled with crap in the deep snow against the wind .... even the better normal cars that consistantly get 30 to 40 MPG should expect under the same driving patterns and course to get 60+ MPG the important thing to to do a fair comparison and the insight will come out on top every time....

what about initial cost?
the insight new is under $20k and used you can get it for far less than that I got mine a 2000 year with 56k miles for $11k and it is now at 80k miles and no major problems and averaging over the 80k miles very very close to 60 MPG .... are there cars for less than $20k??? of course .... are there cars for more??? of course you could easily drop $100k on a new car... considering that the insight gets better MPG for it's cost and those other cars give something else like name status,, excessive engine power,, luxery driving,, or off road... the question is what do you want from your car and what price range are you in??? The insight is not an expensive car there are allot of cars out there double and tripple the cost of even a new insight... and the insight is not a supper cheap car there are used cars out there for $1k but the question comes back to what you want from your car and what your budget is to get it.

what about reliability ?
for the first like 80k miles or 8 years it is honda's dime for just about any major problem that happens to your insight... which is a good run for not being your problem.... yes some people have had a car for crazy milage... my dad had a 1977 ford van for something like 300k miles.... and other people have had leamons that never even made it to 50k miles.... real life happens **** happens.... you want fair you want garantees go back to grade school and let momy and dady deal with the real world.... the insight comes with a better than average protection pollicy free to you.... also the way the insight is built even if the IMA motor and batteries etc... all failed you could still drive the car around as a regular ICE car.... still will work just fine...

What about only being a 2 seater?
this is up to your life and car needs... I drive 90% of time just me 1 person of the rmaining 10 % about 90% of that is me and my wife 2 persons... for me only about 1% of the time I drive somewhere do I have any actual use for more than 2 seats... for those times we take my wife's 4 four ~5 seater.... if you need more than 2 seats on a regular basis then get a prius still better than regular car and has 4 seats and still is not overly expensive... but take an honest look at what you actually use your car for... maybe 1% of the SUVs I see driving down the road have more than just one driver in them... that's almost painful to me...

What about cargo?
What is there to say I have loaded that hatch back area with a couple hundered pounds of brick and with me 200 lbs and a heavier 300 lbs friend... yeagh I know that is over what honda recomends but I have had no problems with it..... but if you need.... as in use regularly the storage of a pick up or SUV than get ford's hybrid SUV ... but in my experience very very few people have a real need for this either... they just get a happy fealling about havng a huge vehicle.

Operating costs?
By useing less gas than a regular car and as gas prices go up this should be a no brainer.... no additional costs from a normal car day to day for the first 80k miles.... as discused above that is good.... what about after 80k miles?? well as with any car that will depend on how you have treated it and what conditions it is used under... there are a good number of people myself being one who are at or beyond 80k miles with no problems other than regular maintenece stuff... a few on this site are way up into the kind of milage the average person does not push a car to.... but the insight has only been out for 5~6 years and long terms trends take more time to show themselves.

What about Environmental conciderations?
Well in it's price range you will be hard pressed to find better.... especially at the ranges you are talking about.... a EV would be better but unless you are under 50 Miles per day the cost to EVs jump... you said you need 150+ miles per day that means a reliable range of 200 milles per day... in a EV you would need premium high end parts... like Lithium batteries ...etc..... Thus a EV would be 3 to 4 times the cost of an insight... at least for your driving needs.

so the short answer stands.... yes.... the insight will work fine for what you described... it will cost less in gas... it will be better for the environment ... etc....

my 2 bits...
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