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Is it worth it?

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Hello to all. Newbie here. I'm considering purchasing a used Honda Insight. But I have a few questions and after reading a few posts here, I have some new concerns as well (battery life, reliability, etc...)

Question #1. I drive 78 miles to work (one way) for a grand whopping total of 156 miles each day. The roads I travel are 65MPH and 75MPH. Is this little Insight's engine capable of sustaining this speed for and hour and a half? I don't want to be running the engine at it's MAX.

Question #2. I am currently looking at a 2001 Insight. I've seen a few posts regarding recalls. Are the 2001's full of 'bugs'? (i.e. new technology...guinnea pigs of hybrid cars...etc..)

Thanks in advance,
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I think a used Insight is a great deal. I paid $9800 for a 2001 5 speed w/ 45k miles 18 months ago. I now have 63k miles and I bet I could get at least that much for it.

One comment to Theorfanders spreadsheet. I think if you are going to compare a hybrid to a non-hybrid over 200k miles, you should include the cost of at least one replacement battery pack for the hybrids. I don't think I saw that included. How much? Maybe $2000-$3000 installed? Some people might be "lucky" enough for their pack to fail under warranty (<80k miles) or a few might make it to 200k miles, but I suspect the average driver would need at least one pack in that time. Also, if you buy used, I don't think you get the tax credit.

68 mpg on the current tank (that air conditioning was killing my mileage)
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