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Is it worth it?

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Hello to all. Newbie here. I'm considering purchasing a used Honda Insight. But I have a few questions and after reading a few posts here, I have some new concerns as well (battery life, reliability, etc...)

Question #1. I drive 78 miles to work (one way) for a grand whopping total of 156 miles each day. The roads I travel are 65MPH and 75MPH. Is this little Insight's engine capable of sustaining this speed for and hour and a half? I don't want to be running the engine at it's MAX.

Question #2. I am currently looking at a 2001 Insight. I've seen a few posts regarding recalls. Are the 2001's full of 'bugs'? (i.e. new technology...guinnea pigs of hybrid cars...etc..)

Thanks in advance,
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Buying a used 2001 is a good deal - at least it was for me. And I can see how much the value of the car has increased in the last few months. 3 months ago, I bought my 2001 CVT for $5,700 with 92,000 miles. It was very well taken care of, no creaks and groans, and needed nothing more than a new stereo head unit. After research, I found out that the whole IMA battery system was replaced (with upgrades) at 79,000. What a dream...both to drive and own. LMPG: 55.9

For what you will use it for, it would make a great deal...this is, of course, if someone hasn't already snatched it up while you ask questions on this forum. They are getting very, very hard to find!!!!
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