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The CEL for our 2001 CVT Insight has been on continuously for the last couple of weeks. The Honda dealer's magic box tells them that the Primary O2 sensor is dead. (code P1166) There are several choices at ... ygensensor

I believe that the one list below is correct but need comformation before I place the non refundable order;) If you have a better source for this o2 sensor my wife and I would of course be interested in that as well. The Honda part number listed on our work order is: 36531-PHM-A51

The part number and description from Drivewire is:
DW9738410105C Bosch Oxygen Sensor - Upper (at upper cat. inlet) for models w/ A/T
Honda Insight 1.0 Oxygen Sensor

Application: Upper (at upper cat. inlet) for models w/ A/T
Fits: 01/2001 - 12/2006 Honda Insight 1.0, transmission: Auto
Important Fit Details: Vehicles made from 01/2001 on.
Transmission Type: Auto

Thanks for taking the time to help out a fellow Earther.

Hugh & Denise

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Cyberspcace calling Earth, cyberspace calling Earth, come in Hugh & Denise of Earth.

IIRC the last member that tried to match an aftermarket 4wire LAF type O2 sensor failed. Eariler Insights used an older design 5 wire LAF type sensor. There are alternate parts available for the eariler model 5 wire type with the caviat as noted below.

Its unclear whether or not NTK and Bosch have corrected their past application listing errors. In any case and from what I've seen of the differences the "way" these parts are cheaper is that their sensing element is smaller (read, the most expensive part of the sensor). In this case bigger IS better in that impurities, primairly sulphur, slowly poison the sensor. The bigger the sensing element, the longer it takes to become poisoned. The heater element is also another common mode of failure. I don't know what the differences in OEM vs. the aftermerket is in that regard. So as in all things automotive YMMV.

IMO you get what you pay for.

HTH! :)
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