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Ive finally joined the club!I just got my insight!

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First of all thanks to all you Insighters here for all your informative really inspired me and helped me ask the right questions and look for the right things.Ive been here for months learning all I could.I made up my mind in March to get an Insight as I was getting some inheritance money and my old Ranger pickup is hitting 180000 miles.I live in central NY and there are three dealerships nearby 2 in Syracuse and 1 in Utica.The first dealer I called said they never had any Insights and was quite rude.the second didnt have any either.The Utica dealer said they had an automatic and would be getting a 5spd.I got a great internet quote from them and they called me when the 5spd came in so I could test drive.I came in drove it and was sold..only problem had to wait to get my $.The salesman was great ,drives a hybrid civic and the dealership has sold several insights..including the one I test drove.Finally 2 weeks ago my $ came in .the salesman found me a red 5spd(no air but having it installed) from a dealer in Mass...there were only 3 5spd in an 8 state area.They got it in within a day and its in my driveway now.The Carbone dealership was great ,knowledgeable and friendly..a great place to get an insight..thanks again to you all
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Welcome. Now you don't have to troll around the boards silently. And yes, I meant TROLL. more of that 'board speak'.
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