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I put on my winter tires yesterday (short report here).

While I was jacking up one corner of the car at a time, I noticed that I had to crank the jack down a lot lower on the left than on the right side of the car to get it under the jack points. I didn't measure it, but would guess the difference was at least an inch or more! Both front and back jackpoints on the left are that much closer to the ground than the corresponding ones on the right. There was nothing heavy in the car and my garage floor is pretty level.

Is this a sign of bad shocks? Anything wrong with the suspension? Are there any adjustments needed?
Any comments?

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Did you have the parking brake on at the time?

The last time I rotated my tires I had the same thing happen. The parking brake locks up the rear and when it is lifted, the spring extends pushing the wheel down and forward. When the jack is released, the brake holds the wheel in the forward, higher position.

After I was done, I got in and released the brake to move the car. The whole back end felt like it dropped about 2".
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