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Jam in an SUV sandwich :-(

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Waiting in a left turn lane with half a dozen vehicles in front, and a Chevy Suburban plows into my rear at about 25 MPH. (He said 40, but I don't believe it.) Shattered the glass in the hatch, where my dog was riding. Scared her so much she jumped out and went running into the traffic, which about gave me a heart attack. But I got her back, and both of us are fine.

Not so the poor little Insight, though. Bent hatch lid, squished the bumper, and warped the sheet metal on the roof and right rear quarter. Insurance company wants to total it :-(

So I'm probably in the market for another used Insight (5 speed, not CVT), though I'm going to be off to Switzerland for three months as soon as they straighten out my visa problems. And if anyone is interested in an Insight to experiment with, there's one in Reno. Still drivable, engine & power train are ok, just rear end damage, cracked windshield, and minor damage to front bumper cover.
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It's been a couple of weeks since the sandwich, and no symptoms yet. If anything, the neck (which was a bit stiff prior to) feels a bit better. Accidental chiropractic, maybe?

The guy's insurance company still hasn't gotten back to me with a value. Honestly, though, the car isn't in that bad shape: I did the duct tape & plastic thing on the hatch, and drove it for a few days until they got me into a body shop. It's just real awkward timing, what with (I hope) leaving for Europe in a few weeks.
"What does the dork have, Progressive?!"

How'd you ever guess?

I will say they were pretty much on the ball initially. Happened about 4 PM on a Thursday, they had a claims adjuster out to my place by 10 next morning. He came up with a damage estimate of just over $5K, based on recycled/remanufactured parts - of which there aren't many :)

Then they had to stall for a week or so trying to get in touch with the other driver (address & phone a motel). So when they finally did that, got into the body shop within a few hours. Then the body shop got to working on it, and I guess they discovered the aluminium body and real cost of replacement parts, and upped the estimate by 50%, so now they want to total it.

As I said, though, it is not apparently in that bad shape. I'm just about to go get it back, apply a few strategic whacks with a sledgehammer, and keep on driving it.
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I think my company would only get involved if there was some potential liability for them: if I carried collision instead of just liability, or if there was a chance I could be at fault in some degree - which the circumstances make really unlikely :)

I have the car back, and have been driving it for about 10 days now. Pop-riveted some heavy vinyl over the rear window, instead of the duct tape & visqueen, which will do at least until I get back from the 3 months in Switzerland.

Haven't heard anything from the insurance since before I got it back, though. Hope I'm not going to have to play long-distance lawyer games!
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