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Jerky Drive

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My Insight, a 2001 manual with 27000 on the clock has devoloped a weird problem.

When travelling at a constant speed, around 50mph, it does this kind of jerky thing, almost like someone is accelerating & lifting very quickly.

It only seems happen when the engine has warmed up. Any pointers so when I go to the dealer I can give them a poke in the right direction?
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Read the two other threads on this issue...

EGR valve(clean or replace), EGR plate, MAP sensor, spark plugs, coil packs.. in that order.

I've had a hard time getting the dealer to believe their is a problem :roll: They just replaced the EGR valve the first time the next two times I took it to the dealer they implied that if nothing was wrong I would have to pay :evil:

I spent a few miles this weekend trying to trouble shoot with my OBDII software. I noticed the MAF was like a roller coaster -up-down. ECT was ok stayed around 198.

The manual also states that if the valves are to tight it can cause problems. I had adjusted mine and they might be a little on the tight side.
I have spoken with the dealer & they agree that it is almost certainly the EGR valve.

It's going to be checked on 22 MArch at the next service, I'll update when I know what they found.
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