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I've been meaning to create a thread for my Insight for a while. Finally getting around to doing so. This thread will document modifications and share photos of whatever adventures it endures and how it does. I also don't want to spam the "What did you do to your G1 Insight?" thread too much.


Quick recap: Found this car on the IC classifieds out of boredom, ended up flying to Washington state to purchase it from the original owner, and drove it home to Delaware. Even took it up and down Pikes Peak.

Here are progress links of what I've done so far since purchasing the Insight:
Modification list as of January 2023:
  • OEM block heater, installed when new.
  • One-off polar fleece tartan seat covers made by the previous owner
  • RSX base optional aluminum shift knob
  • full-size spare using factory Insight wheel
  • LED bulbs in dome and map lights
  • Fumoto oil drain valve
  • GAZ rear shocks
  • Calpod switch made by Natalya
  • Scott's upgraded aluminum belly panel
  • Kenwood KFC-1666R speakers, front and rear
  • '04-06 rear speaker brackets
  • Scott's upgraded springs, front and rear
  • Isaac's +40% hack
  • Upgraded front axles (Trakmotive HO-8446/HO-8447)
  • Rebuilt transmission by Isaac at Jue Motors
  • 3M Crystalline tint: 70% on the windshield and side windows, 50% on liftgate
  • OEM RHD double-DIN radio trim
  • Sony XAV-AX 1000 headunit
  • LiBCM (RevD board) w/ 5AhG3 48S: 18S-, 18S-, 12S+
  • Cut WHT/GRN wire on DCDC

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Usually, I get notifications of what cars show up at which junkyards near me. Somehow, I let a G1 Insight get buried unfound and was over a week late to the party after being told there was one near me.

It was pretty picked apart however someone left the real treasure behind...

The haul consisted of:
  • OEM driver's side mat in eh condition. Curious to see how it turns out after my attempt at cleaning it...
  • Carpet as mine is ripped on the driver's side
  • Passenger side upper seat fabric
  • FCD, side mirror, and window switches
  • Hood
  • Driver's side door sill. (I thought mine was in worse shape, but it's not...)
  • Driver's side door weatherstripping seal as mine is ripped on the bottom. This one is mint compared to mine.
  • Center net pouch thing. Mine is ripped on the bottom, rendering it quite useless.
  • Passenger side rear end bracket for wheel cover as mine requires a large washer for hardware. Also took all four hardware clips.
  • Radio trim to eventually modify into a double-din opening...
  • OEM cassette radio (Why not?)
  • Both door speaker covers for future rear speaker installation
  • Three center caps. Not sure where the fourth went.
  • One wheel to use as a full-sized spare
  • Passenger side tail light, as mine is cracked
  • Three blank plates over the little wallet-sized cubby hole
  • Found some OEM touch-up paint in the glovebox
  • Relatively clean 2000 Owner's Manual that's never been written in
  • A piece of paper explaining how to take off the rear wheel cover. Nerded out about this one...
  • GAZ rear shocks
I did remove the driver's side A pillar and only broke one tab. The passenger one was on the ground with all of its tabs broken. Apparently it fell out of the wheelbarrow cause I didn't have it upon checkout.

The mat in question:

The OEM radio cleaned up well:

My carpet's condition:

The newly-acquired carpet:


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Good haul! I wonder if it had Scott's springs to go with the shocks?


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Thanks! The springs appeared to be the factory Honda ones, unless Scott uses the same sleeves on the ends as well. I'm unsure how his springs look.

I'm also curious who the previous owner was. They clearly loved it enough to put GAZ shocks on it.

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Scott recommends transferring the sleves and the anti-rattle tubes, so that doesn't mean much. If you have a micrometer or good caliper, you can check the wire diameter to figure it out.

BTW, those aluminum "Insight" dead pedal plates will do wonders in protecting that part of the carpet:)

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Rats, we'll never know! I don't really plan on going back there any time soon. My best bet is to buy them new from Scott anyway, which I planned on doing once I acquire new front struts. I plan on purchasing an undertray from him as well.

Speaking of Scott, an EGR plate is on the way as well as a driver's side window channel courtesy of him. Mine has warped beyond repair for my patience and the window will not close completely, allowing a whistling sound to occur which causes me to blare music more than I should. I would rather just replace it. Also would like to have a second EGR plate to have on hand to just swap it out as they get dirty. I have an ultrasonic cleaner that I like to keep busy.

I've seen the aluminum "Insight" dead pedal plates, but would like to see if I can find something from another Honda I can fit on there before I go that route.

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I think I heard about that Insight you found and was out of town when it arrived. Nice finds, the Gaz shocks, red hood and great condition carpet. I need a steering rack (for the torque sensor) and with any luck, it will still be there this week.

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Installed the junkyard-acquired GAZ shocks. Started the day off a little wet...

Did some more light cleaning:

Jacked the rear up, loaded the beam into place, removed the old ones and installed the new ones:

Test driving on my favorite loop. Feels like I threw on a rear sway bar. I'll take it.

Got interrupted on my test drive.

Drove the Insight about 250 miles that day. Now I'm motivated to get the front struts replaced and order Scott's springs on all corners.

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I need new front struts. Let us know what you get.
Will probably get OEM struts unless there is something better out there. Part of me was considering Koni inserts, but I think I am being ridiculous at that point. I would also feel comfortable going that route if I had taken the junkyard G1's front struts.

You found those rear Gaz shocks in a junkyard? Did they look like that when you found them, or after clean up? Mine don't look that nice out of the box.
Sure did, Evan! The photo you're referring to is post-cleanup. In an earlier post, I have a photo of one on the car as I found them.

I have a feeling @Honda hybrid442 beat you to the junkyard and is kicking himself for not looking underneath at the shocks (I sure would have forgotten!) Junkyard find of the year.
I've gotten quite lucky scowering through the Baltimore-area junkyards. These shocks are definitely on my top 5 finds.

In no order:
  • OEM accessory '90-93 Accord coupe window visors, gifted to a friend that always helped me at the time.
  • A handful of '91 and '93 Accord SEs, which helped me piece together a black interior for my then car, a '92 Accord sedan.
  • Acura Vigor with a minty black leather interior. Took the rear seat out to put in said Accord. Never saw a Vigor that clean again.
  • G1 Insight GAZ rear shocks
  • 17" Modex KS-05R Keiichi Tsuchiya wheels which I regret not buying
Found some other rare birds in yards that I have photos of, but that'll derail this thread.

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Sunday morning: For the first time since I’ve brought the car home, I used the heat at 90°F to warm up since I thought it was a good idea to drive to work with no jacket when the temperature was at 45°F at 5am. When I would do this in the Miata, it’d get pretty toasty inside due to the small cabin. Figured it’d be the same in the Insight. Boy, was I in for a treat.

After about five minutes of driving, I’ve noticed the cluster’s temp gauge just went up another set of bars. I immediately pulled over, pulled out my UltraGauge to plug it in. Sure enough, the water temperature was reading in the low-240s. Commence deep breathing.

Let the Insight cool off for a minute or two and turn it back on. The temperature was back down to 220°F. I assumed the engine will cool down once I got moving. Nope, it climbed back up. Randomly decided to turn the temperature knob down to the 60s and sure enough, the water temperature dropped down and maintained normal readings. Had I not done that, I would’ve jumped to conclusions thinking the head gasket was toast.

After about fifteen minutes during my lunch break, the Insight seemed alright and maintained normal water temperature readings without using the heat. Realizing the reservoir tank was empty, I picked up some coolant on the way home that night. Luckily, there are two auto parts stores within a three-minute drive from work. When I got home, it was low.

Tuesday comes around and I’m off. Went to the store to get my supplies to make a dedicated funnel for the Insight…

I could’ve gotten a bigger funnel, but this worked fine for the procedure I experienced.

The last time I had to do this, I was doing it to the Miata, but in much heavier rain. This time was more pleasant…

I followed what this fellow did to his Insight - Coolant Burping / Bleeding - How I finally got it to...

It was pretty evident there was air in the system. The first few minutes resulted in this:

After quite a while, things started to level out. I was so bored after getting the engine up to temp, I was satisfied by bubbles…

Video -
Did a 25-mile loop/test drive - some of it with the heat at full blast at 90°F - and the water temperatures stayed between 194-201°F. I think that solved it. Worth standing/sitting around for roughly an hour. Going to monitor the levels for a month to see if something is off.

Next day (yesterday) I've pulled out the Insight's original EGR plate. A few months ago, the original owner got the valve replaced, but no records of the plate. Good thing I've checked it.

⌘ + enter got the best of me...

Got the intake manifold gaskets, too.

Keeping the old plate to clean up and hold for a while. It was pretty evident this needed attention.

Drivability was a noticeable improvement. Can't wait for the MPGs to be higher now.

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Installed a Calpod/clutch switch that Natalya made. Now to get the hang of when I should/shouldn't use it. Definitely felt a difference around town, especially with my newly cleaned EGR plate.


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Really enjoying the foliage here.

Ripped out the seats and carpet:

Buy an Insight, acquire a free terrarium?

Also swapped out the wall file net thing:

This cleaning took place two weeks ago, but I'd be rude if I didn't show y'all some cleaning pics.

Much better view. The (lack of) dead pedal space is still ripped, but it's not as noticeable when the carpet is in the car compared to the original carpet. It was only noticeable when the carpet was out of the car and the sun shined behind it.

Took my other slow toy out during sunset while I could because I've spent most of my day swapping an interior out while it was 65°F out.


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Still enjoying my time with the lil' bean... or trying to.

Just rolling with the punches on this one, just like any of my other cars.

Two rarities: a seventh-generation Golf, but in 2/3-door configuration and my Insight. This body style of Golf was a special order only from 2015 until part of 2017, when the facelift was released.

Fixed my cupholder problem, along with some other storage issues:

Managed to get decent mixed driving MPG figures, according to the FCD. Took my one-gallon photo:

Here's where it goes downhill:

One night, it was raining and quite gusty. Opened my door near my metal mailbox and the wind decided to rip my door out of my hand. Being it was dark out, my heart sank for a solid minute since I couldn't immediately see the damage until I whipped out a flashlight from the car. This photo was the following day:

Days later (last Saturday,) I was driving to work until I kept seeing and hearing rocks on the highway going 70 mph, which is never good. After passing a few pickup trucks towing with a trailer, I noticed one in particular from a local landscaping company dropping rocks from a trailer. My Insight unfortunately took a little beating. No dents, but plenty of paint chips and windshield chips...

Apparently the windshield washer nozzle got hit so hard, it broke from the hose fitting...

I've contacted the landscaping company and their insurance opened a claim. Waiting on the adjuster now to get in contact with me. In the meantime, I was able to at least source another tow hook cover as well as most of the A-pillar clips...

After that was on my mind all week, I've been hit with a third punch: an IMA light and a P1444 code that my Ultra-Gauge had alerted me on...

With some quick research, I decided to investigate. Noticed my grid charger harness was in a puddle of water. Totally safe. /s (I didn't get a photo of the wet pigtail)

Found the source of the leak at least. More than likely cracked seam sealer. I have 3M 8758 on hand, so I'm going to knock it out tomorrow.

On a lighter note, I've stumbled upon another G1! I haven't seen one in the wild since 2018, and this was one I've photographed that year.

Here it is today with 75 boxes in the rear. I'm closely approaching 10,000 miles with it since I purchased it in September.


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Natalya -- Not sure this is like an auto accident claim. More like a property damage claim that just happens to involve a vehicle. I'd argue the landscaper was negligent in transporting an uncovered load and should be required to restore Julian's car to pre-damage condition. Luckily, Julian has taken a lot of photos of his car and can probably date them pretty convincingly. I'd have a thick wad of photos for the adjuster if I were Julian.

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Opening a claim with an insurance company is really dangerous. They may try to total your car.
I'm not terribly worried about this unless I'm missing something here. I did go through it one time then drove said car for another two years. Also owned another car that insurance totaled twice.

Thankfully no panels need to be replaced, unless a simple repaint (spitballing bumper and hood) and windshield replacement exceed $1500 (also spitballing), it shouldn't total it.

Luckily, Julian has taken a lot of photos of his car and can probably date them pretty convincingly. I'd have a thick wad of photos for the adjuster if I were Julian.
You know me too well, also you oughta know I sent the adjuster plenty of dated photos.
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