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I have seen it mentioned several times on this forum about the loss of 12 volt power and not being able to start.
With this in mind I purchased a neat little device which is less bulky than jumper cables, and since the 12 volt is only needed to power up the electronics to activate the 144 volt start system heavy cables are not needed, it plugs into the lighter socket of each car.
Consists of a single long cable no bigger than an appliance cord with an acessory plug at each end.There is an electronic box of tricks no larger than a watch box near one end.
To compliment this another neat gadget in the form of a power cube is carried stashed away in case there are no other vehicles to jump from.This little German cube is 7"X3"X8" with several voltage outlets a lighter socket which takes the previous mentioned jump cable plus other goodies.It can be charged from lighter socket or the mains.
The jump cable I have seen on amazon for $10 but the power cube will be difficult to find or maybe a substitute is avail in the states.

The jump cable is a Vector Easy Start...Available in the states ..Google it
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