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just another new insight owner

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I have been visiting this site for about two years, as a guest. Thanks to all for a truly awesome site. Tommorrow I will take possesion (from the original owner) of an 01 blue 5spd 34k 62.9lmpg. What a beauty!! :D He was about as excited to find someone that actually knew what was going on, as I was to find the car. They are not to plentiful in our little corner of the globe. I intend to play the mpg game as it is a 90 mile round trip commute to work. Sounds like the first thing I should do is put 50 psi in all four! Looking forward to learning more from you folks, and perhaps making a contribution to the cause.

One question: Should I reset the lifetime mpg or leave it? TIA
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Welcome to the club Highwater!
It sounds like you have done your homework, so your new car will be a wonderful new experience. You should get pretty good mileage out there in OK. It has been a long time since I've been there, but isn't it reasonably flat?

As far as resetting the lmpg, that is a personal decision and there are probably a number of opinions on each side. You are the one who has to look at it and 63mpg isn't too bad. You can keep track of it either way, but I like not having to worry about mine going one way or another for one low mpg tank.
My .02

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I reset mine on Edwin, because I figured that it should represent MY lifetime NOT someone else's lifetime.

On the other hand, if you consider it the car's lifetime rather than your own personal lmpg, then you should never reset it.

I never reset Jane (girlfriend's Insight).

I think it is purely personal preference.

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Yes badbob, it is pretty flat around here, and windy this time of year. The wind will be a kick in the pants or a kick in the teeth as it blows primarily N and S, same as my commute.
I have already been to the office supply and found a suitable leger for use as a personal log for my insight mpg. etc.... data. So I may leave the lmpg as it is....maybe......we'll see.
Plan on doing some of the mods that I have seen here, hot air intake before next winter, and something like figgys solar powered vent.
Thanks guys!!!
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