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just bought new - good price?

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This is my first post to an excellent site.

My wife's car (1995 del Sol S) was stolen two weeks ago, so we were forced into buying a car. She wanted another two seater and a hybrid so the INsight was it. We bought one Saturday and are supposed to get it today.

Here in the Seattle area we paid $21,600 for a 5 spd with air. I thought this was pretty good based on the Consumer Reports information, market demand for a low production car, and so forth. I'd rather not have my bubble popped if I did really poorly but was just wondering what others thoughts/experiences were.

Additionally, we did opt for the extended warranty for another $1600. We have 60 days to back out for a full refund. It came in handy on her last car and were just wondering if it was worth having 7yrs/100,000 mi coverage that covers all the hybrid parts and battery too, or if we should just save the money.

Thanks in advance,
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Milage will go up


Congrats on your new Insight. I just got mine the weekend before Christmas. My first average milage during my commute to work, 120 mile round trip, was 57mpg. I also got 70.2 mpg on my third day for a 60 mile stretch. But, just driving around town with a lot of stop and go, you might only get 45-50mpg. After a few days of driving, your mpg will probably increase. You have to 'baby' the car a little to get real good mpg. Also check your tire pressure. Mine was low coming off the dealers lot, so I maxed out the tire pressure to 44.

As for price, I got $1500 off the sticker price of $21,080 here in Pennsylvania for a silver 2006 5 speed w/AC. I'm still considering an extended warranty from Curry, but haven't made up my mind yet. I also bought some new rubber floor mats to protect the Insight mats, seat covers, and some round bubble stick on mirrors to help with the blind spots. The seat covers fit to loosely, so I'll be looking for some with a better fit.

Have fun!
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