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Just the fan, Please.

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I recently bought my Insight :D [3/22/03] and want to maximize my mpg. 8) I have a 5 sp w/ 'climate control.' I'd like to control the climate by just having the fan on - no ac. I've set the ac to econ mode, set the temp ~ 2*F higher than what I think the temp is outside, and then hit the fan button 1x. Is this the way to just have the fan on?
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gomarlins3 said:
I read the manual as well and it was not very specific about NOT having the car go into auto stop and NOT having the AC on.
Same here. My 2000 model year manual has almost literally nothing on how to "manage" the climate control for least impact on mileage.

It also says nothing about how to drive the car optimally: there's nothing about "lean burn mode", NOX purge, etc.

I've gotten vastly more information from this website and talking to others.

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