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Just the fan, Please.

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I recently bought my Insight :D [3/22/03] and want to maximize my mpg. 8) I have a 5 sp w/ 'climate control.' I'd like to control the climate by just having the fan on - no ac. I've set the ac to econ mode, set the temp ~ 2*F higher than what I think the temp is outside, and then hit the fan button 1x. Is this the way to just have the fan on?
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Rick said:
Hit the econ buttong once more and it will go to ac off econ. Burry the dial at 60 degrees and it will just vent outside air in. When you need the air ac on econ 80 degrees with fan on full actually does pretty well while not slaughtering your mileage as much as full auto.
Thank You Rick, I'll try hitting econ 2x and dialing down to 60*. It will be refreshing to breathe fresh unheated morning air.

I read the owners manual, searched this website, and called Honda's 800 # and never was told this before.

I'm sorry if my question offended you "resist" :oops:
2003 Manual

I reread my 2003 manual on 'climate control.' There is no mention of hitting econ button a second time. I'm glad this forum is here. :wink:
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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