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selling my DailyDriver K24 Swapped 2000 Insight.
more pictures and Detail of Build @tigerroadPerformance on Instagram

Car is a Running and Driving K24 swap Project. Was my Daily for quite some time, but currently needs Head work. I could fix it, but at this point I don't want to keep Investing my time into it as im packing to move. This Project has been swapped with a Kseries for a good few thousand miles of the past few years, it's been my Test Mule Chassis for a lot of Custom Ksight Parts and mods. It's had a few different Kseries engines in it over the past few years, the previous K20 that was in it went into the super clean Ksight that Jalopnik posted about. The current K24 engine in it is decent, its undergone some work with a new crank, bearings and deck sanding by hand. The head is the very desirable K20A2 VTEC head from a RSX Type S, being as its so sought after, ppl seem to hold onto them like they are cash. I got it with the block from a friend who had gotten it for a build he was gathering parts for. So when I installed it, it needed new Valve Stem seals as it was sitting in a garage exposed. This helped with it's Oil Burning during idle but it was still getting blow-by and consumption in Vtec, so I added the custom catch-can which helped. When it was last running a few weeks ago, it was still burning oil but only during Highway driving; around town it was always fine but only seemed to only puff a bit of blue from a stop light after either opening it up or going over excessively bumpy roads, which makes me think the valves may be getting leak down.

One thing I noticed about the head is that all the plugs lined up themselves without indexing which is crazy good, however with the extreme K24/K20 combo, stock spark plugs run too hot for these engines. After some researching I found 2step colder spark plugs are best for this set up. Problem is 2step colder spark plugs don't have as much thread and I found another issue with this used Vtec head as #4 plug wouldn't torque... So I threw in another set of used OEM's and continued to monitor #4 plug seating. When the second set burnt up a couple thousand miles later, I said Fxxk-it and decided to try the Permatex Save-a-Thread on it. there is a 50/50 chance for it to work, the insert cracked during the hammering part and plug still does not torque so now its running on 3.5 cylinders.

Truthfully the Car has been very drivable, Starts every time with even 1 or 2 cranks, sometimes its even started after that very first spin in less than a second of turning the key, its amazing how spot on the tune is; it definitely took a very long time to email tune it with the PND ECU which is capable of controlling the Dual Runners. Block is an aggressive shake-fest but runs strong, it can row through the gears short-shifting in seconds right up to 5th @50mph and even cruise as low as 25mph without any lug or hesitation in 5th. Gas consumption saw 30mpg if u drove it like a skateboard around town, lightly pushing in 5th; and as much as 35mpg light footed on the freeway (but itll drink if u lay into on the freeway). Short shifting results in rev hang from the flywheel being far too light for the amount of torque the engine has and it tends to sound like its power shifting unless ur really on it shifting at higher RPM's which it then sounds like a no-lag GTR dual clutch trans or something far more exotic. Vtec hits so smooth and early is kinda scary and the engine spins so violently on the mounts I actually don't know where the redline is because I never needed to wind it out. Problem is that the RSX base plastic dual runner intake is actually holding back the Engine from reaching peak flow at higher RPM so its quicker to just shift and let the torque carry it up. Torque on this thing made the K20 Ksight feel slow, starting in second is so easy! Believe it or not, just a few weeks ago I drove it from 6hours with the Backing out #4 Plug issue, that's when I decided to do the helicoil...

The handling on this thing is unreal, "This car moves in a dimension that other cars simply cannot exist in" is the only way I can describe how fast it pulls and corners. The weird thing is it actually doesn't spin as much tire as the K20 swapped insight, the delivery is just so smooth that u really have to force it to break loose, it actually always hooked up pretty well; could be because the tires were new, or the engine actually has far more potential as it was burning more oil back when we tuned it before the custom catch-can. But the Cornering, Oh my gawd, It whips harder than my S2000, if u didn't know, u would think this car wasn't FWD at all, because it handles like a RWD set up for drift! There was seriously a ton of rear work done to the Rear Torsion beam to make it manageable in the rear with the 2inch spacers. The rear set up is as good as it gets, there is no need to tweak it at all, but the front... needs more damper at least, the Koni seem to have been either defective or built upside down from the factory, they simple do not work but the springs are just about where u would want them and the stance is right one.

Truthfully I have the Parts to fix this thing and the Registration is good till June 2020. If I had the time to, I would give it new rings and cylinder hone, swap in fresh 38k mile K20 iVtec head and the Vtec cams and rockers, but without the lost motion assemblies it would be a Vtec Killer set up like my other Ksight which would mean a whole other month or more of tuning. Also, simply swapping the RSX base Dual runners for a 08 and up Accord dual runners Intake manifold should yield tons more power as has longer flow and should fit with the modified slim hood latch. This car has the battery in the back which frees up room behind the engine, simply removing the stock RSX/CRV air box for cold air or short ram would easily make space for a big Turbo like the 60trim I have sitting in my garage. Some Cheep EP3 Coil overs could fix the front stance and adding a Type S Flywheel so u can upgrade to a ACT pressure plate with a new clutch would work wonders too. Lastly if I was to keep it, Id spend money to get a real CF wing, then since I know now that Battle Aero is the company that makes those Chassis mounts for everyone, id trace the diagram for the wing mounting and send it to them to make the real deal. Then some 18x10 low offset wheels with bolt on fender flares and u have a Rocket Bunny BRZ which the world has never seen!!

So if that last part sounds good, I can let the K20 head go for $400 and the Turbo for $600 after the agreed upon final price for the car. Another thing to note about this car is it already has the Double Din cutting and modification done, because it used to have a Double Din touch screen Kenwood in it before. The Bumper camera and wiring is already there with the interrupt switch on the stalk, if u decided to upgrade ur head unit ut already have the cam ready to go for when u buy an awesome splitter to complete this Custom Mustang 350z FRS. ;) looking for $6500 OBO for the car


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Engine and Powertrain:
K24 CRV Block
K20A2 RSX Type S head, Cams, and rockers with OEM dual Exhaust Springs
TSX Crank, TSX Rods, TSX Pistons and rings
Recently Installed ACL Main Bearings, Rod Bearings, and Thrust Bearings
Recently Installed Valve Stem Seals
Recently Installed OEM equivalent Head Gasket
Recently Installed Kmotor PCV valve
Email Tuned by Innovative MotorworksVtec engages at 4,000 rpm, redline at 7,500 rpm
Recently Installed RDX Injectors with pigtails
NEW NGK BKR9EIX Iridium Colder Spark PlugsK20 Exhaust HeaderRSX Base Dual Runner Intake Manifold
RSX/CRV OEM Air Box with K&N Drop In Filter
Tigerroad Modded Timing Chain Tensioner
Hondata RSX Base PND ECU Email tuned by Innovative Motorworks (estimating around 200whp limited by Intake manifold flow)
2.5" Custom exhaust with Spun Cat, Jones Resonator, Hollowed Single Pass Stock Muffler to Center Double Exit
Single O2 Sensor SetupRSX Base Flywheel, Half Life OEM Clutch
OEM RSX Base Pressure Plate
EP3 5 Speed Transmission with Gear-X 3.65 Final Drive Gear
OEM CV Axels
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
Dual Row Full Aluminum Moddified Civic Radiator with Ebay Slim Fan
Innovative Street (black Poly) Kswap Motor Mounts
OEM RSX Shifter cables (slightly stretched horizontal cable)
RSX Crank Sensor (I think)
Custom PCV dual pass Vent
Custom PCV Catch can with Copper Catch element and Drain ported to Oil Pan
Recent Repaired/Custom high pressure AC Hose
Ktuned Adjustible EP3 Idler Pulley

2000 Silverstone Honda Insight 5speed199k miles 56.1 lifetime mpg
Clean Title, x3 Keys, x2 Remotes (one needs programmed), and old Honda keychain
Windshield with wiper haze, x3 major chips, window chips
50% window tint all around, poorly installed visor strip but it can be removed if u do decide on tint
Upgraded Door Speakers with Custom Tweeters, rear 2Way speakers, 10" Infinity Sub Box with Custom rear mounting, Mono Amp, and Kenwood Excelon BT Head Unit.
Heated Seats with Prototype Cooling Fans
Scanguage 2 hard mounted lower left of steering wheel for Water Temp, MPG, and true RPM
Parking Lights On with Key
Tigerroad Adjustable Clutch Master
Aftermarket Dash Cam Rear Mirror with 4Gig card and Upgraded Wider View Rear Camera
Optional Front Bumper Camera from Previous setup with Wiper Stalk Interrupt switch (Needs wired to double Din Screen Headunit to work)
Double Din Radio Ready from Previous Setup
Tigerroad V2 Prototype Led Headlights with Switch Backs (HyperFlash)
Rear F1 Flashing Brake Light custom mounted
Passenger Visor Mirror added
Driver Sunglass Holder
Antenna Delete
Wiper Resevoir and Pumps Delete
Rear Wiper Delete
Modifry Yellow Jacket Speedo Calibrator
Tigerroad slim Hood Latch and Ugraded Hood release
AC Ready but needs tested for leaks and Refrigerant Added
Custom Solar Panel with Charge Controller for 12v Battery tending
12volt Battery Relocated to rear under IMA battery cover (left side)
Spare Tire and jack Relocated under IMA Battery Cover (Right Side)
Perforated and Stitched Steering Wheel Cover
Hondata USB Wire in Glove BoxFCD button Delete
Hood Risers/Spacers for Rear Venting
Rear Spat Delete and Lips Rolled
Kanjo Style Kanjozoku Loop-One Door Banners
Mustang Quarter Windows Louvres Custom Installed
Custom Cut Mustang Rear Window Louvres
Tigerroad Tail Light Vinyl Shaping
Custom rear Diffuser
Custom Chassis Mounted 56mm Low Mounted Rear Wing with Custom Wing Tips
JDM style angled front plateFront Bumper Side Strakes

Wheels and Suspension
RSX Koni Cut-a-struts custom installed Adjustible Dampers (maybe defective?) with Cut Chevy Tracker Rear Springs and Customized MAXspeeding rods Mustang Top Hats
Adjustible Gaz struts with Cut Chevy Aveo Rear Springs
Adjustible Front Caster via Spacers
Adjustible Front Camber bolts
16inch Multispoke +35 offset rims with 215/50r16 Radar Tires and "Tiger Built" Permanent Tire letters
2inch Rear Spacers
Modified Rear Torsion Beam
Rear Camber and Toe set towards Zero with Spacing Shims
Full ABS Delete
Roof Drain Seals Weather Proofed
Gray Lloyd Floor Mats


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