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Keep Auto-Stop from occuring other than AC?

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I have a section of neighborhood I drive through where there are about 25 four-way stops. Each time I slow down for my rolling-stop, the auto-stop kicks in for about 1 second before I am off again. I have tried holding it in gear longer or forcing it into 1st as I slow down (does not seem to like that) but auto-stop always kicks in for a brief second. Other than using the AC to keep the engine from going into Auto-Stop is there another technique I can use? It just seems to me like unnecessary start and stopping of the engine, when there is no reason too, is a waste. This would also be especially useful for erratic stop and go traffic on the freeway.

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benjarrett said:
Sorry I should of specified, it's a 5-speed. I was hoping for a way to do it on the fly, maybe the AC is still my best option.
You can also turn up the heat when it's not in econ mode.
But diconnecting the temp sensor in the front grill should do it (I tried to do that once but I couldn't unplug it)
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