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Keep Auto-Stop from occuring other than AC?

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I have a section of neighborhood I drive through where there are about 25 four-way stops. Each time I slow down for my rolling-stop, the auto-stop kicks in for about 1 second before I am off again. I have tried holding it in gear longer or forcing it into 1st as I slow down (does not seem to like that) but auto-stop always kicks in for a brief second. Other than using the AC to keep the engine from going into Auto-Stop is there another technique I can use? It just seems to me like unnecessary start and stopping of the engine, when there is no reason too, is a waste. This would also be especially useful for erratic stop and go traffic on the freeway.

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cancel autostop

the easiest way is to, when you come to the first of 3 million intersections, let it go into autostop by putting it in nuetral. put it in gear and back in nuetral like 3 times in 5 seconds. The car will keep the engine running to avoid excessive wear. problem solved
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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