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Keeping parked Insight cool on hot days

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Hello all again.
I believe that someone on one of these threads asked about a way of keeping Insights from becoming solar ovens in the summer. Since the battery pack's integrity is degraded by temp. extremes. I was wondering if a mod using a solar pannel with a small Nimh battery pack could be incorporated to power the heat/cool vent fan when the car is parked to maintain ambient temp in the cabin. This mod would be thermostat regulated, and the Nimh battery pack to be set up so that the car 12vdc system could recharge it while the car is running. While parked added dcv input from the dashboard mounted solar pannel could assist the fan and decrease the draw on the minor Nimh power supply. Bare in mind that I am not an engineer, so feel free to coment on my idea.

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I like what you have done with the fans. If you collect old computer stuff you probably have seen the chrome plated wire finger guards used in some power supplies. It would look cool and would not significantly affect the air flow. I really think you have to remove the plastic grill somehow as that will certainly affect the air flow.
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