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Kenwood Excelon Stereo Headunit

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Does anyone have a Kenwood Excelon stereo installed in your Insight? I'm thinking about putting one in my 2005 Insight, and would like to know if you had any difficulties installing it? According to Crutchfield I would have to fabricate a mounting kit, but I'm not sure if that would really be necessary.

Thanks for your help.
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i have a kenwood mp3 head unit in mine. all i had to do was remove the oem radio, swap the clips to the kenwood, and bolt it in. easiest radio install i ever did!

andy g.
Which Kenwood MP3 unit did you install? Crutchfield website informs me that their Kenwoods need a great deal of modification in order to fit.
its a KDC-MPV7019. see it here:

when i looked mine up at c'field it said the same thing: mods reqd. load-a-bull. at least for mine. i just swapped the mounting clips and attached it with 4 screws. no problems. YMMV ;) if the kenwood is the same basic size as the oem rig it should bolt right in.

andy g.
Yeah, I have a feeling that Crutchfield says that significant modification is required for any cars that they haven't researched. Since Insights are rare, they have probably never tried to install a stereo in one.
kinda what i thought too. maybe you can find one locally and check out the size and see if it has the correct holes on the side for the brackets. then get it somewhere cheaper than c'field. normally i buy locally, if it isnt too expensive. gotta keep the local economy going! i got my head unit and sub local, but the door speakers from ebay.

have fun!

andy g.
Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I have a Kenwood X869 in my Insight.
It goes right in, all you have to do is use the brackets off of the stock head unit and mount them to the Kenwood and it will go right in. I've also got a Sirius reciever brain fitted in the styrofoam block where the CD changer would go with the cable running up through the location for the wiring to the CD changer. Works great, makes nice clean power.

Check eBay and ask questions. I was able to get a referb unit with a 180 day warranty from the seller for less than half of retail. Thus far it's worked flawlessly as did my previous Kenwood.

BTW, the Insight is standard ISO DIN Japanese sized head unit. I don't know of any DIN sized head unit that doesn't conform to this. Crutchfield shows every stereo as a "! Modified Fit," yet check out this link, they're stoned
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Does "standard ISO DIN Japanese sized head unit" mean that the electrical connectors will fit w/o adapters?
nope, sorry. unless you are willing to cut and splice (i do, but i'm stingy that way) you will need wiring adapters.

andy g.
No that means the fittment of the head unit itself. It has to do with the size and location of the screw holes on the side of the head unit for mounting.

The wiring harness is the same as a civic so just ask for a civic plug and it will work just fine.
Thanks, you guys rule!

I initially replaced the OEM speakers w/2-ways, and now there isn't enought power to run them effectively.

It's always sumpthin! :shock:
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