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Hi mb1285 and welcome to the forum :!: :D

Most of your questions are common to a new Insight owner and have been asked and answered several times. Try the forum search feature.

However I'll touch on them briefly:

Pressing the remote 2 tines in the interval that unlocks the passenger door should also unlock the hatch, but you'll have to manually release it.

Any other LRR tire other than the OEM's aren't as "LRR" and you will limit your hyper MPG potential with the benefit of better handling in extreme conditions and a smoother ride. Its your choice. Just try and match the circumference as closely as possible to minimize MPH, Odometer and MPG display error.

The 12v battery's capacity is a minimal factor in its service life for an Insight because it will rarely be used (except in cooold conditions when the 12v back-up starter may be needed). A 51 series battery will be more than sufficient.

Again there are several threads on your 2 latter questions. And quite recent too. Review at the first 3 pages of the most approptate forum or try the forum search feature :idea:

HTH! :)
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