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For a 2000 Insight (purchased 8/1/05 as a used vehicle)

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Keyless Remote

The remote that I got was broken, and did not have a hatch unlock button. A replacement that I just got has a hatch unlock button.

Should I be able to unlock the hatch with this button? It doesn't do anything, even if I hold the button down for a few seconds. To open the hatch, I have to hit the unlock button twice, which also opens the passenger side door.

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The spec tire is: P 165 / 65 R 14 78 S

What I have are:

65K - Bridgestone, Insignia SL (USA) P175 / 65 R 14 81 S M+S Trac A Temp B Tread 460 44 PSI max cold

??K - Delta, Essex (China) 175 / 65 R 14 82 H M+S Trac A Temp A Tread 340 36 PSI max cold

I found that the only tire that meets specifications is the Bridgestone Potenza RE92 $80 each

One tire store said that the 165 is hard to find, and expensive. If I'm on the road, and have to wait for one, it could be a long time. 175's are common, and much less expensive. They go for $49 to $95 each.

The dealer said that the 175 could reduce fuel efficiency, and throw off the speedometer. One tire store said that a taller tire means that it turns less, which slows the engine down. This would be easier on the engine, because it would use fewer RPM's. If the speedometer were off, it would be 1 mph slower, if at all.

One tire store recommended getting the 175, in any of the following tires (which are low rolling resistance):
a) the Bridgestone, Potenza $84
b) the Goodyear, Integrity $87
c) best: the Michelin, Harmony 80K $89

I have been getting 55 mpg with my current set of tires, doing mixed city and highway driving.

Any commments as to if it's a good idea or not to keep my current set of tires, or would you recommend geting 4 new ones in 175 that are LRR (like the Michelein, Harmony), or would you say to upgrade two at a time in 175's to LRR?

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I had the OEM battery, 279 cold cranking amps. It died on me once, I had it tested, and found it to be going bad.
Two battery stores said that they they could not tell what battery it was, or what the car took. I was finally referred to a motorcycle battery store, and they put in : Type 51-50, cold cranking amps 450, $59.95, 4 year warranty
I called another battery store, and they said that the Optimus is the battery for the Insight, a gel battery, cca 500, $139.99

Do you think I'm ok with the 51-50?
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